Adventure Awaits…in 2018?

Most people enjoy traveling and seeing new places, but do not get the chance to do so often or if ever. I am excited that I have 3 potential trips planned starting in January. One being an academic cruise for one of my course credits, one being a birthday excursion for me and my friend during spring break, and one being a trip to visit a friend who moved to the other half of the country. I am excited to be able to write about these trips in the near future as time has just been flying in 2017. I believe that if you are able to travel a bit while you are young, you should. I know that once I settle down and have a job, husband, and kids; I won’t be able to do all the traveling that I want to do. These trips will be fun; but I am not done traveling after this. Two of the trips are still in the USA and the cruise is a cruise so will be off the coast at some islands near there. The two trips in the USA will still be fun as I really want to go visit these places. Who knows, maybe I will get to travel a bit more next summer? I am hoping to get an internship over the next summer. I do not care where the internship will be and I am keeping my mind and eyes open for any cool opportunities. This summer has been ok so far as I was able to take a quick get away to the beach and have hung out with friends a few times, but with work and school; I haven’t had a ton of time to really do anything exciting. Traveling is something I love to do and have always loved. Whether it is going to the beach somewhere new or visiting family friends 10 hours away; it has always been fun. I think that I really got the travel bug after my high school senior trip to London. London was so much fun. Despite the fact that it was still really cold in March and having a severe cold for 2 weeks afterwards and losing my voice, I would definitely go back and I definitely want to. One of the best times I had was at a Lush in Stratford-upon-Avon where me and one of my friends talked for over an hour to the employees there. They were obsessed with our accents and we loved theirs as well. Even though we didn’t go to all the shopping places there we were going to go, we still had a ton of fun just talking to two of the nicest British people we ever met. I know that, that is a memory that me and my friend still keep to this day. Getting to know the people and embracing the culture of the places you go. Another fun trip was a cruise that my family went on for my parents anniversary, my sister graduating high school, and a belated vacation for my high school graduation the year before. We took a cruise to the Bahamas and I enjoyed every minute of it. The blue waters, the beaches, the music, the food, and the markets; all were so beautiful and amazing. The cruise was really short and we only got 2 actual days on 2 different islands, but we had enough time on the boat to enjoy ourselves and have fun. I have been blessed to be able to do these things so far and for the possibility of even more next year. I understand a ton of people don’t get to experience everything that I have already experienced; but I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunities that I have ahead of me. Adventure is waiting if you just take it by the hand.

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