Adulting is hard

If you at least have a job and are starting college, you have probably learned the hard way that being an adult is not easy. It is hard. Paying bills, tuition, gas, food, etc. But what does being an adult mean besides expenses? Being an adult is making the hard choices. Being an adult is giving up your weekends to study or work. Being an adult is giving up hanging with your friends for your school or work. Being an adult is having to pay for necessities. Being an adult is being responsible for yourself. There are many more things that being an adult can mean but for me, I know it is all about responsibilities. Being a responsible adult may not always be fun, but can be very rewarding in the end. It is not always fun having to say no to friends in order to work or study for that exam you have. Your professors are not going to baby you. That is one thing you will learn if you have not already. You are an adult and they do not need to keep reminding you over and over. You will get your syllabus laying out all your work for the whole semester. Some professors may remind you, but others will not. You have to be responsible and remember that you have school and ultimately, that comes first.

One thing I can tell you is that even though being an adult is hard and does not come with a manual, you will get through it. Sometimes the stress of it all will seem to overwhelm you, but remember that, it will only last for a short time. You will still be able to have fun and spend money on yourself every once and a while. You will make mistakes, you will probably be broke more times than not, and you will learn a lot from these times. You are going to be adult for longer than you were a child and it will get easier with some things. Do not stress, but enjoy these times despite how hard they can be.