Look them straight in the eye and get that job.

This is the second part of the interview series. Last post, we talked about what to wear. This time we will talk about what to do to be impressive in your interview.

Step 1: Stand up and shake their hand with a firm handshake before sitting back down. Make sure to greet them as well. A nice handshake can go along way in the interview.

Step 2: Hand every person interviewing you your resume and a list of reference. If you typed a cover letter, give them that as well. Make sure to have multiple copies of the resume and references incase there is more than one person interviewing you. Bring at least 10 copies to be on the safe side.

Step 3: Look them in the eye when answering their questions. Making sure to look them in the eye is very impressive to most people in interviews. It shows honesty and that you are really interested in that position.

Step 4: Be honest for the most part. Do not come straight up and tell them that you are only here for the money. That is very unprofessional. No matter how true that is, try to come up with a good answer. Try saying that you were looking ways to improve yourself economically, mentally, and depending on the job; physically.

Step 5: Ask any questions you can think of at the end. Asking questions are a good thing in an interview. If salary, hours, and other things along those lines are not touched in the interview; feel free to ask them. The people will understand and some are even impressed that you are asking. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Step 6: Call back in to check on the status after a week or two and keep calling if they keep pushing the decision back. Calling shows your determination as well as it helps them to show that you really are interested in the job.

These are the general steps that you should go through to have a good interview. Just remember that a decision will take time and be patient. Just relax and do not underestimate your self. Stay positive, have faith in yourself.