How to dress to impress – interview style

What you wear to an interview really does matter. What you wear can make or break an interview. Your outfit is not the only thing that matters during an interview, but that is what I will be focusing on today. Lets start for retail and fast food for girls. You don’t have to dress up too much but you should dress up a little bit. You should wear khakis, navy blue, or black pants. Try not to wear the blank skinny jeans that are so skin tight. You want to look classy so I would suggest some skinny jeans that are not completely stuck to your legs, straight legged, or bootcut. The second thing you is a nice shirt. I would suggest a nice blouse, a dressy top, or just adding a nice jacket over top of a plain tee. Nice jackets are not a flimsy little black jacket. Nice meaning: blazer, jean jacket, etc. Shoes, some of my favorite parts of an outfit. Wear some nice sandals, flats, heels, or nice booties. Do not wear your sneakers, flip flops, or birkenstocks. One thing I like to do to add my personality in to an outfit, is to always add jewelry. Not only does your personality show with your jewelry, but it also can spice up an outfit.

For an office position for girls: Make sure to wear either a dress, skirt, or dress pants. If you wear a dress, a blazer can add more of a professional look. For a top, wear a really nice blouse. Try to wear a blazer with whatever outfit you wear. Jewelry helps with this kind of interview as well; however, do not overdo it. You want to look classy and not overdo it. Lastly, you can wear flats if you would like but heels really sell your outfit.

For guys, wear a nice pair of navy blue, khaki, or black pants. Next wear a nice polo or a button down shirt. For fast food and retail, you don’t necessarily have to tuck it in, but you can if that is what you desire. If you tuck it in; however, I would suggest wearing a nice belt. Lastly, wear a nice pair of dress shoes.

If you follow these general guidelines, your outfit should help you look professional and get a head start on your interview. This is the first part of my interview series and I hope you are liking my posts. Please let me know of any topics you would like me to discuss.

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